The Plaza Hotel, New York

The Plaza Hotel New York

This is an independent hotel in a city that is predominantly ruled by large corporations and conglomerates. The location of the hotel is about as well-connected as you could possibly expect. Located on Grand Army Plaza, you can literally treat Central Park as your own personal backyard. In addition to that, all the regular tourist spots are around the neighborhood, and as you leave the hotel you are met with The Apple Store, Wollman Ice Rink, and other trendy locations and stores.

This boutique hotel is quite favored by European travelers and celebrities alike. One of the things that sets it apart is its attentive and friendly staff. Guests have to pass by lush gardens to enter the hotel, the lobby features an antique French desk, and you have to pass by cascades of wreathed flowers as you make your way to the elevators. The bathrooms are made in all-marble, with fine Italian furniture and linen.

The Grand Penthouse Suite Living Room

In fact, one might even say that the bathrooms have been treated with greater reverence than entirely necessary, for instance, is it really necessary to have the sinks and faucets plated in 24-carat gold? There are 282 rooms in all, and they’ve been designed in variations of 14 different styles, and as such there’s plenty of different aesthetics to choose from. The hotel also features a hip and charming bar that gives off a distinctly mid-20th century vibe. If you aren’t in the mood to explore the city, you can simply lounge around the cocktail bar and interact with an eclectic group of guests.